Rosita's Fiesta

🎉 Join Rosita's Fiesta game and count the fun! Use your skills to help her share treats with friends and make sure everyone gets their fair share.

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About Rosita's Fiesta Game

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Hola amigos! Get ready for a fiesta with Rosita from Sesame Street! In Rosita's Fiesta game, you're invited to a super fun picnic in the park with all of Rosita's friends. There will be yummy treats, colorful decorations, and lots of laughter. But before the party can start, there's one important task you need to help with.

Your mission is to make sure everyone gets their fair share of goodies! Rosita wants to share gifts, cupcakes, cakes, apples, and more with her friends, but she needs your counting skills to make sure everyone gets one of each. Are you up for the challenge?

How to Play

Playing the game is as easy as clicking your mouse! You'll use your mouse to select items and make sure everyone gets their share.

At the beginning of each level, Rosita will tell you what she wants to share with her friends. Maybe it's colorful balloons or tasty snacks. Your first step is to count how many friends are at the party. Once you know the number, click on the basket of goodies that many times. Each click will add one item to the table.

When you think everyone has one of everything, ring the bell to check your answer! If you got it right, a fun mariachi band will play a happy song, and you can move on to the next level. If not, don't worry! You can keep trying until you get it right.

What else you should know

Sometimes, some friends might already have their treats. Make sure you count only those who still need something. If you accidentally click too many times and there are too many items on the table, simply click on the extra items to remove them.

Each level brings new challenges and different things to count, so get ready to use your counting skills!

Counting has never been so much fun! Now, you'll not only learn how to count but also practice sharing and making sure everyone feels included. So put on your party hat and join the fiesta! It's a great way to learn and have a blast with Rosita and her friends.