Abby's Gift Rap

🎁 Help Abby get ready for the Sesame Street welcome party in the Gift Rap game! Choose presents and find rhyming words to wrap them for her new friends.

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About Abby's Gift Rap Game

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Abby Cadabby, the newest fairy on Sesame Street, is so excited to have made new friends! To celebrate, her friends are throwing her a welcome party, and Abby wants to give everyone a special gift. In Abby Cadabby's Gift Rap game, you can help Abby wrap all her presents for the party! But wrapping presents is not so easy for a fairy, especially when you're using a magic wand and rhymes.

Your mission is to help Abby find the right rhyming words to make her gift-wrapping spells work. Each gift needs a special rhyme to be wrapped perfectly. Can you match the rhyming words and make Abby's gifts look amazing?

How to Play

To play, just click on the things you see on the screen with your mouse! It's like magic!

First, click on Abby's gift bag to pick a present. Abby will want to wrap it, but she needs your help to find the right rhyme. You'll see three different things on the screen, and only one of them rhymes with the present. Click on the one you think fits best!

For example, if the present is a toy duck, you might have to choose something that sounds the same, like a truck. Which one rhymes with duck? That's the one you click!

If you get it right, the present will be wrapped in a magical swirl of sparkles, and you can move on to the next one. If you choose the wrong word, no worries! Just try again. You can keep picking different rhyming words until you find the perfect match.

What else you should know

The more presents you wrap, the more rhyming words you'll learn! You can even try to find more than one rhyme for each present. How many silly rhymes can you think of?

Get ready for a rhyming adventure with Abby Cadabby! Help her wrap gifts, discover new words, and have a blast with rhyming magic. Let's make Abby's welcome party extra special with perfectly wrapped presents!