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🚀 Journey to Planet Power with the MyPlate: Blast Off game! Choose healthy foods and fun activities to fuel your rocket. Adventure and learning await!

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Get ready to blast off to Planet Power with the super fun MyPlate Blast Off game! This interactive online game is all about feeding your spaceship the right foods and exercises so it can zoom across the universe. But what makes the right kind of rocket fuel? Well, it's yummy and healthy food from five food groups: grains, fruits, vegetables, dairy, and protein, plus 60 minutes of fun physical activities.

The United States Department of Agriculture made this game mostly for kids between 6 and 11 years old. It helps them learn about nutrition and eating good food by following the USDA food rules. A long time ago, this game was also known as MyPyramid Blast Off.

In this game, you are the brave spaceship pilot, and your mission is to gather the perfect fuel for your trip to Planet Power. You will have to pick the yummiest breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner items, plus fun exercises to power up your spaceship. Remember, just like in real life, junk food won't give your spaceship enough strength to reach Planet Power, so make sure to choose wisely!

How to Play

To begin with, enter your first name, gender, and age. Don't forget to read the "Mission Briefing" and the "How to Launch" info before you take off. When you're ready to start your space adventure, you can start picking out food and activities.

You'll see that there are five different sections: breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, and activity. These sections have yummy food and fun activities for you to choose from. To choose a food or activity, all you have to do is click on it and drag it to your plate. You can scroll through all the different choices by using the green arrows.

Remember, your spaceship needs the right amount of food and exercise to make it to Planet Power. The food fills up your fuel tank, and the activities charge up your activity battery. Once both are full, you can hit "BLAST OFF!" and zoom away!

As you play, remember to watch out for junk foods like chips, candy bars, and soda. These might taste good, but they won't help your spaceship fly. Instead, try choosing foods like scrambled eggs, bananas, oatmeal, fish, broccoli, and milk.

There's more you should know!

For the activity battery, you'll need to fill up 60 minutes with fun activities, like playing baseball, having recess at the playground, or even helping with chores! Just like with the food, you can drag and drop your chosen activities onto your rocket. But don't worry, you don't have to do all 60 minutes at once. You can pick a few different activities and add them up until you reach 60.

The game will tell you how each food or activity helps your spaceship. It will even ask if you want to add something extra, like ketchup to a hamburger or milk to your cereal!

If you make good choices and get enough food and activity, your spaceship will blast off all the way to Planet Power! If not, that's okay. The game will tell you what you did well and what you can try to do better next time. Keep trying until you get your rocket to blast off!

So are you ready to become a space explorer? The Blast Off game is not just super fun, but it also teaches you about healthy eating and the importance of exercise. Remember to make good choices, and soon you'll be soaring through space all the way to Planet Power. Have a blast!