All Aboard! Trackin' through Canada

The All Aboard game is a delightful treat if you enjoy trains or puzzle games! Can you place rails and create a route through the Canadian landscape?

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About All Aboard! Trackin' through Canada Game

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You'll have hours of fun solving puzzles with All Aboard! Trackin' through Canada game! Have you ever wanted to see Canada's beautiful landscapes? Do you like trains or railroad journeys? If the answer is yes to either of these questions, you must give this interesting puzzle game a try!

The concept is very ingenious and enticing. You will play the role of a railway engineer, tasked with designing the ideal route. More precisely, you will need to place each track in the desired location. Think quickly, as you are up against the clock! 

How to Play

Are you ready to set out on a thrilling journey? There are thirteen levels for you to complete. Naturally, each one will pose greater challenges than the previous one. The coolest part is that you get to see many different Canadian landmarks and views. Doesn't that sound exciting?

Get ready to start! Each level consists of a board made out of multiple squares. Also, you might come across pre-placed objects, such as landmarks. Are you ready to place your first tile? You will be randomly allotted a piece of track. Simply click on a free square on the screen to put it there. Easy as pie, right?

Even though the controls are simple, you'll soon realize that even the first levels can be quite challenging. You need to find a way of connecting the starting point to the finish point before the time runs out. Beware, the available tile isn't always the one you need! 

One of the most useful tricks in the game is getting rid of misplaced tiles. Do you know how to do that? Simply place another tile on top of the wrong one to make it disappear! However, you should remember that the replaced piece will be lost definitively.

What else you should know

Are you looking for new ways to score points? Take a close look at the landmarks and figure out how to make the train pass through them. Granted, it will make it much harder to create a route. However, the bonus is worth it if you want to reach the leaderboard!

Finally, make sure you keep your eye on the clock! Once the green bar in the top left corner of the screen is empty, you need to restart the game. Therefore, you should move swiftly and build the route as fast as you can. If you finish early, simply press the Go button in the bottom right corner of the screen. You gain precious extra points for every second you save, so hurry up!

Get ready for an exciting train ride that will challenge your wits! You will spend many hours enjoying the beautiful backgrounds and figuring out solutions for these challenging puzzles. Besides, you also get to explore Canada's landscapes and landmarks. How far can you travel?