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Defeat the scary outlaws in The Lone Ranger: Train Top Sprint game! Protect your friends and show off your fighting skills to save the day together!

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John Reid and Tonto are ready to serve justice in The Lone Ranger: Train Top Sprint game! Our heroes were returning home by train when they noticed people running across the roof. After seeing Butch and his evil goons, the duo now has to keep everyone safe. Will you use your skills to help them save the day?

This is an action-packed pursuit, so you have to stay focused at all times! Hop from one train carriage to another, and make sure not to fall! There will be enemies all around you, but you have to take them down. Are you ready to accept this challenge?

How to Play

Prepare to begin your adventure! To help the pair move around, you have to use your keyboard. Press on the Up arrow to jump or duck using the Down key. To defend John and Tonto, you can hold the Spacebar or Left and Right arrow keys to attack the outlaws around you. 

It's time for battle! Before you face the enemies, you have to make sure not to fall off. Pay attention to the screen and hop from one carriage to the next! You will also come across poles in front of you, and you should do your best to duck as quickly as possible.

The pair might be chained up, but that doesn't mean they won't put up a fight! The outlaws are everywhere, and they won't go down easily. To defeat Butch and his gang, you have to think of a strategy. Time your attacks right, and evade the incoming punches to earn as many points as possible! 

You have to pay attention to your health bar as well, or it's goodbye to the passengers! Each time you get hit, it will be lower and lower. It doesn't take much to run out of chances, but luckily you can restart from the current level. So just keep practicing, and you will be able to save the train once your agility improves!

Well, are you ready to begin your rescue mission? There's not much time left, so join The Lone Ranger and take down the attackers! You're the only one who can complete this challenge!