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ūü騬†Fix Arthur's birthday movie in Buster's Movie Maker game!¬†Choose the right sights and sounds to make it happy,¬†sad,¬†funny,¬†scary,¬†or exciting.

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About Buster's Movie Maker Game

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In Buster's Movie Maker game, Buster is making a movie about Arthur's birthday! It's a fun story with a surprise visitor, presents, and lots of laughs. He's made different versions – one is super happy, another is a little sad, there's a spooky one, and even an exciting one.

But Buster needs your help! In each version, something isn't quite right. Maybe the happy movie has spooky sounds, or the scary movie has silly surprises. Can you fix the movies so they match Buster's ideas?

How to Play

First, type your name in the box and click Play to watch Buster's movie and see what he has so far.

Now it's your turn to be the director! When Arthur looks out his window, you can choose what he sees. Maybe a silly clown car drives by, or a cool ice cream truck, or even a mysterious van! You also get to pick the sounds Arthur hears. Should it be a wolf howl, a happy jingle, or maybe a loud engine roar?

Next, someone knocks at the door. Who will it be? A friendly mail carrier, a spooky vampire, or someone else? You decide the sound for this scene as well.

When Arthur opens the present, you can choose what's inside. Will it be a cake, a funny toy, or a scary surprise? You can even change the sounds the present makes.

What else you should know

Lastly, don't forget the music! You get to pick the background music for the whole movie.

Once you've made your movie magic, hit "Play" and see the results. Is the happy movie bursting with sunshine? Does the spooky movie send shivers down your spine? If not, don't worry! Just rewind and adjust the scenes, sounds, and music until each movie is a masterpiece of its intended mood.

With your expert touch, Buster's movies will be the talk of the town! So step into the director's chair and let the movie-making fun begin!