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✂️👸 Step into the Fairytale Hairstyle game to craft stunning looks for storybook characters! Can you prove your styling skills in this magical world?

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In the Fairytale Hairstyle game, you'll become the hairstylist of a magical world! This game is a playground of hair styling tools, letting you create amazing hairstyles for all sorts of fairytale characters. Imagine turning braids, curls, and colors into dazzling hairdos that bring storybook characters to life.

Your fun challenge is to match each fairytale character with the perfect hairstyle. Whether it's styling a lonely ice princess to look cheerful or giving a funky hairdo to a pet dragon, your creativity in hairstyling makes each character's story even more special. Get ready to use your magical styling tools to craft hair masterpieces!

How to Play

The game is easy to play using just your mouse. Click to choose hairstyles, hair colors, or glitter styles, and use different hairstyling tools. It's like having a virtual hair salon at your fingertips.

There are two main ways to play: Story Mode and Creation Mode. The Story Mode is like a series of chapters, each with a different story. It's like stepping into a fairytale book. In each chapter, you have a task to style a princess's hair in a specific way. Each time, you'll begin by choosing a hairstyle from lots of options, like braids or a ponytail, then pick the hair color and some sparkly highlights.

Next, here comes the best part – styling! You've got all these neat tools like scissors for cutting, a comb for making the hair neat, sprays for coloring, and even a straightener and curling iron for different looks. But remember, each princess hairstyle needs specific steps. For example, to create the 'Modern Maid' look, you need to cut, then color, straighten, add glitter, and finally comb it all out. Be careful to follow the steps in order, or you'll have to start over.

Story Mode Chapters

There are five chapters, each with its own special story and hairstyling task. Let's dive into these magical tales!

Chapter 1 - The Ice Princess
In this chapter, you meet a lonely ice princess who seems cold and distant. She needs a hairstyle that will make her look fun and friendly.
Your task is to create a warm and welcoming new 'do for the ice princess!

Chapter 2 - Pink Pet Dragon
Next, we meet the ice princess's love interest, a handsome prince. But oh no! His pink pet dragon is feeling left out and jealous. Can you style a cool new hairstyle for the pink pet dragon?

Chapter 3 - Grand Gala
The ice princess is throwing a grand gala to announce her engagement to the prince. It's going to be a big night! You'll need to design the perfect party hairstyle for the ice princess!

Chapter 4 - What Outfit Today?
Now, we meet the summer princess. She's struggling to pick an outfit for the grand gala. Create a fabulous hairstyle for the summer princess to make her feel confident!

Chapter 5 - Party Time
It's the big night of the grand gala. The fairy needs to look magical for this special occasion. Can you whip up a magical new hairstyle for the fairy?

What else you should know

Each chapter you complete in the Story Mode unlocks new items and accessories. You can use these in Creation Mode to add even more flair to your styles.

In Creation Mode, you can be more creative. You can choose a character like a fairy, a mermaid, or even a pink dragon and use all the tools and things you've unlocked. You can make any hairstyle you can think of. You can also pick out clothes for your character, change the background, and add cool frames. When you're done, you can save a picture of what you made.

So, are you ready to become a fairytale hairstylist? Start playing and see what amazing hairstyles you can create!