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Play the Mega Anime Avatar Creator game by Rinmaru to give life to all the manga characters that only exist in your imagination! Are you looking for a unique, custom-made avatar for an online forum? Would you like to create an impressive manga version of yourself? If the answer is yes, don't miss out on this character creator challenge!

What makes this game stand out is that you have hundreds of different options. Mix them in thousands of combinations! You can create a boy, a girl, a fairy, or even an alien by choosing elements from the six various categories. Can you believe that you can customize their features, hair, clothes, accessories, and background?

How to play the game

There's nothing easier than customizing a manga character in this game! You don't need to learn how to draw or own any of the art supplies. Use your mouse to browse through all the categories.

Next, all that's left to do is pick one of the many options. See it appear instantly on your character on the left side of the screen. If you've changed your mind, click the X in the corner of the screen to make any element disappear. To see all the options, use the arrows at the lower part of the screen. Easy as pie!

Let's get started with the makeover! You can customize 12 different aspects of our character's face, beginning with the skin tone. Do you prefer a natural hue or something out of this world? Continue by adding birthmarks, tattoos, and scars.

Don't forget to choose the shape and expression of the eyes, eyebrows, and facial hair. The last touches for the face are lips. Add a smile or a frown, depending on your preferences!

Are you ready to move on to the hair? One of the best features about this game is that you can pick all the elements of your 'do separately. Choose a top, a bottom, ponytails, spikes, and even extras.

What is more, you have over one hundred color options at the bottom of the screen. Each piece can be a different color if you want! Isn't that cool? 

There's more you should know!

Next, you can add a top to complete your character's look! As you can imagine, there are many different options in a varied color palette. Don't forget to take a look at all six categories to find vests, bows, and cravats! You can layer them to create a truly unique look. For instance, use a cap with a frilly shirt to create a regal look!

You can add even more elements to bring your hero's story to life. What about a pair of wings or a weapon? There's also a variety of adorable pets you can place on your shoulder. Hats, masks, bandanas, and jewelry are other elements that increase the style and flair of your avatar. There are just so many options for each type of accessory!

Can you believe that you can even change the character's hand position or put an object in their hand? Whether they are waving, acting surprised, or eating something, avatars come to life. Pick this detail wisely!

Lastly, choose a beautiful background to set the atmosphere. You'll find almost any type of location, from stores to bustling cities and even the sea. There are even romantic settings, such as the moon or a dreamy abstract pattern.

Just find whatever fits your character best and save your beautiful creation! It's one of the most fun ways to get an avatar in the manga style!

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