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About Gun Builder 2 Game

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    Any Browser
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    Desktop, Mobile, Tablet
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    800 x 600
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You must try out the Gun Builder 2 game if you are fascinated by weapons! This one-of-a-kind challenge will help you understand more about how these fascinating objects work. Besides, you'll also be able to try them out virtually, in perfect safety conditions. Are you ready to give this challenge a try?

There are hundreds of gun models to complete, which means that you can play hundreds of levels. As you can imagine, the combinations you can make are countless. Try as many of them as you want by diving deep into this challenge!

How to play the game

Assembling and testing guns is obviously a very dangerous job. Only specialists can do it in controlled environments! However, you can experiment safely in the virtual world with the help of this challenge. What is more, you can even test the weapons you build using practice targets. Isn't that thrilling?

Don't worry! You don't need any special equipment to become a virtual weapon builder. The only tool you'll need will be your mouse. Use it to navigate through the menus on the left side of the screen.

There, you'll notice the basic parts of any gun: the barrel, the trigger, and the grip. Click and drag each component in the correct location to create the weapon of your design! To shoot it, you also need to move it to the perfect position, then press the left mouse button. How fun!

There's more you should know!

You can switch between the building mode and the creative mode at any point in this game. Therefore, besides creating well-known guns, you can also let your imagination run wild and produce your own models.

Mix different kinds of barrels, grips, and triggers to create an interesting weapon of your choice! How does it shoot? Make sure you test it right away to find out if you did a good job!

This fun game allows you to try something you'll probably never do in real life. Aren't you excited to give it a try?

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