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Try the Jumper Frog game and test your reflexes and coordination! Can you bring all of your five frogs to safety without being hit by a car?

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Play the Jumper Frog game if you think you are swift and smart! This thrilling challenge will be a test of speed, reflexes, and timing. As you might know by now, these are vital skills for any gamer. Now you can practice them in an unexpected situation. Can you help five adorable frigs find their way to safety? 

The game consists of multiple levels, each one more challenging than the other. However, they all present the same exciting mission. Can you cross the lanes of traffic, then the winding river?  In the beginning, it seems like an easy task, but you'll soon find that this game can raise your adrenaline levels! 

How to Play 

Are you ready to start leaping? As is the case with most games from this genre, you can use the arrow keys to move. Therefore, press Up or Down to jump back and forth, and Left and Right to leap laterally. These simple controls are all you need to know to start playing the game. It's so simple!

Your first task is to get your frog across the motorway. To do so, you will need to watch the traffic closely. Can you find an opening? The trick to success is to move back whenever you find yourself in a jam. With a little agility and a lot of patience, you will succeed! However, don't wait too long! Time is limited, so you will need to restart if the clock runs out.

Are you ready to face the river? Surprisingly, your frog can't swim. Therefore, you will need to use logs and turtles to get across. However, when it comes to the last option, you should keep in mind that the turtles like to sink from time to time. Go for the logs and move laterally to guide your frog into one of the five slots! 

Can you play the game without losing any of the five amphibians? If so, you'll surely gain a place in the high score list. What is more, you can earn some valuable extra points you can even try to catch some flies. If you have nerves of steel and lightning-fast reflexes, you will become a pro in no time.

What are you waiting for? Start leaping!