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Play as a speedy ninja in the N game, mastering jumps and dodging robots! Race against time and navigate through challenging levels for ultimate fun.

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About N Game

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In the N game, you step into the shoes of a super-skilled ninja with incredible abilities. This isn't just any ninja adventure; it's a race against time, as your ninja's fast metabolism gives you a natural lifetime of just 15 minutes. The game is set in a world where speed, agility, and quick thinking are crucial to survival.

Your mission is to navigate through a series of challenging rooms, each filled with dangerous ninja-killing robots and obstacles. The goal is to complete five rooms in an episode before your time runs out. You'll need to grab gold and dodge many dangerous threats along the way. This journey is not just about survival but mastering the art of N, the way of the ninja.

How to Play

Here's what you need to control your ninja:
- Left/Right arrow keys: accelerate left/right
- [Z]/Shift: Jump
- [K]: Kill yourself (useful if you get stuck or trapped)
- [P]: Pause

These controls are your tools to guide the ninja through each challenge.

Every level in N is a new test of your skills. You have a limited lifespan to complete an episode of five levels. If you lose a life during a level, your lifespan will be reset to whatever it was when you began that level.

Your ninja can perform amazing jumps and wall climbs. You need to master these movements to navigate through the levels effectively. Also, the way you jump changes depending on whether you're on a slope or near a wall.

Avoiding enemies is also crucial. From homing turrets to laser drones, each enemy has unique behaviors you need to understand and evade. 

Collecting gold satisfies your ninja's love for it and adds precious seconds to your lifespan, giving you more time to complete your mission.

There's more you should know!

Each level is filled with different objects like launchpads, doors, and trap doors that can either aid or hinder your progress. Learning how they work and how to use them to your advantage is key to mastering the game.

Pay attention to the behavior patterns of enemies. Knowing how they move and attack can save your ninja's life.

Practice makes perfect, especially with jumping and wall climbing. The more you play, the better you'll get at controlling the ninja's movements.

Use the environment to your advantage. Sometimes, the layout of the level can help you avoid enemies or reach difficult places.

So, are you ready to put your ninja skills to the test in N? Dive into this exciting world, challenge your reflexes, and see if you can master the way of the ninja. Each level brings new surprises and tests, making this game a thrilling adventure from start to finish. Let's see how far you can go!