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With the Puzzle Ball game, you'll have a blast while testing your ingenuity! Can you create a path for the ball and bring it to the finish line safely?

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About Puzzle Ball Game

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Play the Puzzle Ball game and find out how smart you are! Inspired by a famous puzzle game from real-life, this digital challenge allows you to test your intelligence anywhere. Whether you use a PC or a phone, this cool game will help you practice your strategical thinking and ingenuity. Are you ready to try?

The game features simple elements: a ball and several wooden blocks that form paths. Your mission is to bring the ball from the starting point to the finish line through the maze you have constructed. Oh, and make sure to collect all the golden stars you come across! 

How to Play

The game consists of 24 levels that will push the limits of your intelligence and creativity. Naturally, you will have to deal with more puzzle pieces and increasingly complex setups as you advance.  Can you reach the end of the game?

Let's play! To begin with, notice where the starting point and finish line are. Keep in mind that these pieces can't be moved at all! Next, use your mouse to arrange the rest of the parts. You will need to click and drag the in their desired locations. Stop hesitating and start shuffling the pieces around to finish your first level.

The number of moves you make matters! As you can probably guess, the fewer clicks, the better. You can check on how you're doing by glancing at the top of the screen. Can you beat your last record? 

What else you should know

How many stars have you managed to get so far? Ideally, you should collect all three from each level. However, this can be more difficult than it first seems. Be smart and figure out which pieces you need to use to achieve this goal!

Do you need a little help with a level? Don't worry, just glance at the buttons at the bottom of the screen! By using them, you can undo your last move, or even restart the entire game. What is more, you can click on the magnifying glass to get a helpful hint. You can also make the ball move faster by clicking the blue button. Isn't that cool?

Keep practicing to improve your skills and ingenuity! The ingenious concept of this puzzle will draw you in from the first try. Start playing and become smarter with every level you pass successfully!