Play the Tremerz game and see if you can save your friends from the sneaky graboids. Can you outsmart the worms and keep all your friends safe?

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About Tremerz Game

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Tremerz is a thrilling game inspired by the Tremors movie, where you step into a wild adventure in a cowboy-style world. You play as Valentine McKee (Kevin Bacon), a little hero on a big mission. The game is set in a desert where dangerous graboids, giant worm-like creatures, are lurking beneath the sand, ready to attack.

Your task is to rescue your friends while skillfully avoiding the graboids. As you progress, the challenge increases because you're not just looking out for yourself but also for your friends who follow you around in this daring escape.

How to Play

Playing the game is all about using your mouse. You can move Valentine left or right with the mouse and make him jump by clicking the left mouse button.

The game has different levels, and each one gets a bit harder as you add more friends to the group. That's because your friends don't immediately follow your actions when you move or jump; they move one by one, making it harder to avoid the graboids as your group gets bigger.

The graboids, the main obstacles in the game, come in different forms. Some will try to bite you from the ground, while others will leap into the air, attempting to land on you and your friends. You need to keep moving all the time and watch the ground. If you see the sand moving, a graboid might be coming up!

What else you should know

As you progress through the stages, the graboids' tactics change and become more unpredictable. In the final stage, for instance, a graboid attacks in a wave-like motion, requiring you to carefully time your jumps and movements to avoid being hit.

Each stage introduces a new friend to rescue, starting with Burt and continuing with Earl, Melvin, Heather, and finally, Mindy. Each new friend you add to your group makes things even harder, as you must navigate and jump with more caution to keep everyone safe.

Can you make it through all the levels and beat the game? Jump in and see how many friends you can rescue!