Unleash your clever side with the JezzBall game! Claim space, dodge bouncy balls, and become the ultimate champion in this fun-filled challenge!

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About JezzBall Game

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Do you like fun puzzles and bouncing balls? Then you'll love JezzBall, a super cool game that was once part of the Microsoft Entertainment Pack. In this game, you'll enter a world full of balls bouncing around, and your mission is to claim as much space as you can!

But here's the catch: you have to be clever and avoid the balls while you make your claim. Imagine yourself as a magical builder, creating lines that will mark your territory. But you'll have to be quick! If a ball hits your line before it's complete, you'll lose a life. You need to claim at least 75% of the game area to win. Are you up for the challenge?

How to Play

First, let's learn how to control your magic line builder. You'll be using your mouse to create lines:

 - Left-click: Create a line.

 - Right-click / CTRL: Toggle between horizontal and vertical lines.

When you create a line, it's split into two halves: red and blue. These halves grow until they hit a wall. Once it does, it becomes a solid boundary, marking your claimed area. Any part of the game area with no balls bouncing around will become yours!

But be careful. If a bouncing ball touches your line before it becomes a boundary, the line disappears, and you lose a life. So, you need to be fast and smart when creating your lines.

What else you should know

JezzBall also features two game modes for you to try:

 - Classic Mode: You start with 10 lives and get an extra life for each level you pass. But watch out - the game is over if you lose all your lives.

 - Arcade Mode: Each level gives you one more life than there are balls. If you lose all your lives here, you don't lose your progress, but your score resets to zero.

With each game, you'll become faster, smarter, and more skilled. It's not just about speed but also about thinking ahead and making smart decisions. Are you ready to claim the game area, dodge the bouncing balls, and become the best JezzBall player?