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Give the Volley Random game a try for tons of fun with a silly sporting event! Prove your skills in this unconventional challenge, alone or with a pal!

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Play one of the silliest challenges ever with the Volley Random game!   Are you bored, sad, or angry? Do you need a little pick me up? This game is the answer to your problems. Featuring goofy graphic design and very uncomplicated rules, it will surely make you giggle or even laugh out loud. Prepare for an unconventional game of volleyball!

The game consists of multiple rounds of two vs. two volley rounds. Can you lead your team to victory by scoring five points first? It will take you a while to get used to the goofy way the characters move. Don't get discouraged, as that's what makes it more fun!

How to Play

The first decision you have to make is whether you want to play alone or with a friend. The 1 Player Mode will allow you to play against the computer. If you choose the 2 Player Mode, you'll be able to play with your pal by sharing the same keyboard. How cool!

Get ready for the first round! Can you believe that there's only one key you need to use? If you play by yourself, use the Up Arrow on your keyboard to make your two players jump. If you are with a pal, you can use the same key to control the blue team, while your friend will use the W key to control the red one. Watch your players wabble and fall haphazardly as they try to hit the ball!

As is the case with regular volleyball games, the playing field is split into two halves, separated by a net. Make sure you don't let the ball hit the ground in your court! Instead, try to make it lend in the opponent's half. Congratulations, you've just earned your first point!

Are you ready to experience the funniest part of the game? The matches take place in different locations. Be warned: some of them can be strange! You'll play on a court in a backyard, in the snow, on the beach, or in a gym.

Prove your volleyball skills in this hilarious challenge! Surprising things might happen, like the enemy players hopping over to your side or all the athletes rolling around on the floor. Maybe you won't win this time, but you'll have a good laugh!

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