A Slime Hut

Create an epic story with A Slime Hut game! Build a hut at the edge of the forest, then befriend monsters and use them to defend your little farm!

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About A Slime Hut Game

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Play A Slime Hut game if you feel prepared for a one-of-a-kind adventure! This challenge is a unique mix between two beloved genres: Tower Defense and Farming. You can't miss out on this epic experience! It's unlike any browser game you've tried before. Stop hesitating and give it a try!

You start as a farmer that discovers a hut at the edge of the slime forest. Welcome to your new home! Use the backyard to grow various fruits and vegetables, then use them to attract monsters. Use your new friends to defend your property from slimes and collect crystals! Step by step, you'll improve your cottage, add new features, and gather many monster friends!

How to Play

Can you believe that the mouse is the only tool you'll need? Click to move your character around and perform actions! It's that easy! We suggest you should start by exploring your hut and your garden. They contain many helpful tools that will help you advance in the game. Are you ready to learn how to use them?

Before you can start battling the slimes, you need to prepare your hut for battle. Catch your first monster friend, the Rabbid, by offering him delicious fruits! He will be helpful when it comes to shooting slimes, as he is lightning fast.

However, just one monster friend is not enough to defend your farm. Do you want to learn how to get more soldiers in your army? Keep reading!

The garden in your backyard is one of the most important locations in the game. Use it to grow fruits, honey, herbs, and many other delicious treats that you can use to lure monsters. Be careful, as every action will deplete your stamina bar! You should take this into account when you take care of your garden. Don't take on too many things at a time!

What else you should know 

Are you ready for your first battle? Head out the door and take your monster friends with you! Choose advantageous positions for them, depending on their unique abilities. Some have an extensive range, while others can shoot multiple bullets at a time. Pick the best place for all of them, then release the wave of slimes! Let's hope none of them reach your hut!

To make your life easier on the farm, it's a good idea to upgrade your tools. Use the crystals you earn through your daily chores to your advantage! As a result, you'll be able to harvest your garden faster, keep more monsters, and defeat more slimes. If you work hard and make smart investments, you'll become a great farmer in no time!

Don't miss out on the opportunity to build a Slime Hut! It'll be a test of your time management, battle strategy, and patience. Besides, it's a thrilling and engaging game!