Barbie: The Enchanted Adventures

Try the Barbie of Swan Lake: The Enchanted Adventures game to break the spell put on Kelly and her friends! Clear many tasks and defeat the evil wizard!

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Oh no! Barbie's little sister, Kelly, and her friends have been cursed by the wizard Rothbart in the Barbie of Swan Lake: The Enchanted Adventures game! Because of it, the kids can only be human at night because they quickly transform into animals when the sun rises. Can you help Barbie bring them back to normal?

Your goal is to travel to Swan Lake and help Barbie break Rothbart's spell and defeat him. However, the wizard will not make it easy for you, so you will have many challenges to face. There will also be many friends you will have to save. Do you think you can handle it?

How to Play

Before you begin, you should learn the controls! There are many challenges for you to complete before you can defeat the wizard, Rothbart. Luckily, you will only need to use your mouse for them. The main goal of the tasks is to look for people. So, when you see your target, the only thing left is to click on them!

There are three parts to your journey:

 - Part One: Meet Kelly and her friends and learn more about their animal form. For example, Ivan is a porcupine, Marisa is a faun, and Carlita is a skunk. Can you discover what animal Kelly transforms in daylight?

 - Part Two: Help Prince Daniel find his true love, Odette! Careful, though! Rothbart made her into a swan, so she might be hard to recognize.

 - Part Three: Enter the Enchanted Forest to help Daniel and Odette fight the wizard and his evil daughter, Odile.

Once they are defeated, Barbie's sister and her friends will be safe, and the spell will break!

Are you ready to enter Barbie's world and help her bring Kelly and her friends to normal? If so, let's get started and begin your search for Rothbart and his daughter!