Castle Crashing: The Beard

🧔 Play Castle Crashing: The Beard game for an epic battle against a magical beard! See if you can defeat Tom's wild beard in this quirky adventure!

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About Castle Crashing: The Beard Game

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In Castle Crashing: The Beard game, Tom Fulp, the creator of Newgrounds, has made a unique promise. He won't shave his beard until he finishes his new game, Castle Crashers. But there's a twist! As Tom's beard grows, things around him start to get a bit crazy.

You'll play as a Medieval Knight in shiny armor, trying to battle against Tom's own ever-growing, magical beard. It's a fun and wild adventure where you face off against a flying bearded head, using your skills to overcome this bizarre challenge.

How to Play

Here's how to control your knight:
- Left/Right arrow keys: Move left and right
- Up arrow key: Jump
- A: Attack / Hold to release Magic

As you play, you'll notice three important bars on the screen. Two are for health (HP) - one for you and one for the beard. The third bar is your magic bar, which gets stronger over time.

Your goal is to defeat the flying bearded head, and you'll earn experience points (XP) for each hit you land. There's also a neat way to earn XP by hitting tombstones scattered around. The game has three areas - left, right, and middle, each with different platforms to use during your battle.

The bearded head isn't going down without a fight. It attacks with its beard, shoots laser beams, and even drops bouncing bread from above! When you finally beat it, it changes into a skull that shoots fireballs. You have to dodge and attack smartly to win.

Strategies and Tips

Learn the timing of the beard's attacks. This helps you dodge better and find the right moment to strike.

Jump on platforms to avoid attacks, especially the laser beams and bouncing bread.

Use your magic attack when it's most effective, like when the beard or skull is about to attack.

You get only three lives to try and beat the game. Try to make it count!

This game is a fun, wacky adventure that will test your quick reflexes. Do you have what it takes to defeat Tom Fulp's magical beard and bring peace to the Newgrounds office? Jump in and show off your skills!