Play the Sonny game for a unique strategy adventure as a superhuman zombie! Join the quest, defeat bosses, and unravel new worlds in this thrilling RPG.

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About Sonny Game

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    800 x 575
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Sonny is an exciting combat-strategy game set in a world of adventure. You play as Sonny, a superhuman zombie with special powers. The game takes you through different areas, each filled with unique challenges. Along the way, you'll meet various characters who add to the story and excitement.

Your main task in the game is to fight your way through levels, facing different enemies. The big challenge is to defeat the boss at the end of each zone. Beating these bosses allows you to move to new zones and continue your adventure.

How to Play

The game is easy to navigate using just your mouse. Whether you're choosing options in the menu or deciding your next move in battle, a simple click is all it takes. Selecting characters and executing actions are all done with a straightforward click, making it easy and fun to play.

The battles are the heart of the game. You and your allies line up on one side while your enemies are on the other. When you click on a character, a ring appears with different options. For enemies, you get attack choices; for your team, you can select helpful moves like healing or giving them extra power.

Your character has two main types of energy: health and focus. Using special moves costs focus, and you have to wait a few turns before you can use them again. Winning battles earns you money and experience, which you can use to get better equipment and make Sonny stronger.

What else you should know

The game keeps changing as you play. The types of enemies you face and the allies you have at your side make each battle feel different. You have to think about the best way to use your moves and when to use them, making every fight a new challenge.

During fights, try to balance your attacks and your team's health. Always keep an eye on your focus level and plan your moves ahead. Mixing different abilities and trying new strategies against different enemies can often lead to surprising victories.

This game is perfect for those who love a good challenge and enjoy thinking through their battles. Every step in this journey is a fun mix of strategy and action. So, get ready to take on the role of Sonny, sharpen your tactics, and dive into an adventure that's as exciting as it is rewarding. Ready to begin your quest?

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