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Continue the thrilling turn-based RPG adventure in the Sonny 2 game with new chapters and enemies! Ready to master new skills and unveil secrets?

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About Sonny 2 Game

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Sonny 2 is the exciting sequel to the popular game Sonny. It's a turn-based action RPG, and it brings lots of new and exciting features. This game has more chapters, new enemies, and a completely updated game engine. Plus, it's full of cool voiced lines and a great soundtrack.

Your job is to play as Sonny in his new big quest. You'll fight against tough enemies and try to uncover secrets. What's different in this sequel? You'll find new ways to fight and more skills to learn, making your mission even more thrilling.

How to Play

As usual, you'll guide your hero through simple clicks and selections. Choose where to go, who to battle, and which skills to use, all with a click. It's easy to learn, making it perfect for players of all ages.

Your adventure starts with a big World Map. This map has more secrets and cool places to explore than the first game. You'll travel through different areas, each with its own special challenges. As you go, you'll find out more about the story and discover new mysteries.

Battles are turn-based, which means you and your opponents take turns to do various actions. You decide what Sonny does each turn, choosing from different moves. Some moves are for attacking, others are for defending, and some are special tricks to outsmart the enemy.

When getting ready for battles, the Roaming-Mode screen is where you make your plans. Here, you can sort out your stuff, pick your equipment, and choose your skills. This part of the game is more detailed than before, so you can really get into planning your strategy. You can also save your game here and go to shops to buy new things.

Getting stronger, or leveling up, is a big part of the game. Each time Sonny levels up, you get points to make him stronger and learn new abilities. There are more skills to choose from in this game; you can pick different ones depending on your chosen class.

What's New in Sonny 2

There are three classes: Psychological, Biological, and Hydraulic. Each one has its own special abilities. This is different from the first game and lets you play in different ways.

An exclusive new feature is fighting against other players or Player vs Player (PVP) combat. You can bring characters from different games to fight each other. This is a fun way to add competition to the game. But remember, some classes might be stronger than others in these fights.

The game also has special attributes like Lightning, Fire, and Ice. If you equip items that boost these, your attacks get even better. This adds another cool part to planning your battles.

With its mix of adventure, strategy, and exciting new features, this game invites you to a world of discovery and heroism. Ready to dive in and show your skills? It's time to start your journey and see what amazing things you can do!

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