Frizzle Fraz 3

The Frizzle Fraz 3 game brings even more bouncy adventures and new friends to rescue! Dive in, outsmart foes, and see if you can clear all the levels!

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About Frizzle Fraz 3 Game

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In the Frizzle Fraz 3 game, the adventure continues with more excitement and fun. This time, our fluffy hero embarks on another journey to find and rescue his lost friends, the Little Frizzles. As he travels through a world filled with new challenges, every bounce brings him closer to his mission. This game is packed with cute action and colorful levels that will keep you engaged from start to finish.

Your mission is to help our bouncy friend rescue the Little Frizzles and collect the keys needed to complete each level. Along the way, you'll encounter icky mushrooms and scary crows that add to the adventure. It's a journey of bravery and bouncing, and your role is crucial in reuniting the Frizzle family.

How to Play

Controlling the furry ball is easy and fun. It's always jumping, so you'll only need the Left and Right arrow keys to guide it through the levels. 

Like before, you'll navigate through various levels filled with platforms to bounce on and obstacles to avoid. You'll also encounter all kinds of traps that will test your skills and timing. Additionally, you'll need to rescue the cute little frizzles and find golden keys in each level to progress.

But watch out! Touching obstacles or enemies will decrease your life, and losing all three lives means game over. However, big red hearts scattered throughout your journey can give you extra lives.

What's New in Frizzle Fraz 3

What's new in this game are the coins you can collect for points, sometimes hidden under crates you can bounce on to break. You'll also face new enemies like walking mushrooms, clouds dropping poison, or mischievous crows that dive-bomb. Luckily, you can still jump on their heads to defeat them.

Another exciting addition is the balloons you can bounce on, which pop after you land on them, and suction tubes that whisk you away to higher places.

With its colorful levels, cute characters, and new challenges, this game offers lots of fun and adventure. Ready to jump in and help our fluffy hero save his friends and explore a world full of excitement? Let the bouncing begin!

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