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Enter the One Chance game and play as a scientist racing to save the world in just six days. Make each choice count in this unique, impactful adventure!

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About One Chance Game

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One Chance is a thought-provoking game in which you step into the shoes of a scientist named John Pilgrim. He and his team accidentally created a pathogen while trying to cure cancer, but soon realized this pathogen could end all life on Earth. You'll explore a world where every living being, including John, his wife Penny, and their daughter Molly, has just six days left.

As John Pilgrim, your mission is critical. You have six days to try and fix the mistake that threatens the planet. The choices you make will affect the world around you and determine the fate of John and his family.

How to Play

Playing the game is straightforward. Here's how to control John:
- Left/Right arrow keys: Move left and right
- Spacebar: Interact with people or objects, like talking or opening doors

As you play, your choices change what happens in the game. You decide if John works on a cure, spends time with his family, or does something else. The game changes based on what you pick.

Thinking about your choices is important because you can't play the game again once you finish. The ending you get is the only one you'll see (unless you play on a different computer or clear your browser's cookies).

What else you should know

The game shows how John's choices affect the world around him. You'll notice that people and places change as the days go by. Whether focusing on finding a solution or spending time with family, your actions will lead to different endings. You'll get one based on what you did in those six days. Each ending shows a different result of your decisions.

This is a unique game that makes you think about your choices and their impact. It's a journey of discovery, responsibility, and consequences. Are you ready to make decisions that could save the world or seal its fate? Play now and see how your story unfolds!