Spirit Riding Free: The Great Horse Race

🐎 Dash through thrilling trails in Spirit Riding Free: The Great Horse Race! Ready to jump in, embrace the adventure, and gallop against the wind?

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About Spirit Riding Free: The Great Horse Race Game

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Gallop into the adventure of the Spirit Riding Free: The Great Horse Race game, where friendship and courage meet wild rides. Twelve-year-old Lucky has just moved to the countryside and found the best friend in Spirit, a wild Mustang with a heart as big as his gallop. Together, they're ready to take on every path, with wind tangling their hair and endless skies ahead.

As Lucky's trusted friend, you'll leap into the saddle and race along a path full of obstacles. As you ride, your pockets will jingle with coins and apples, but watch out! The journey is sprinkled with challenges that will test your bravery and speed. Can you help Lucky and Spirit prove they're the best team?

How to Play

Your trusty steed runs like the wind, but you'll guide Spirit to dodge or leap. Here's how you can do it:


- Left/Right arrow keys: Make your horse move left and right.

- Up arrow key: Make your horse jump over obstacles.


Just swipe left or right to dodge every obstacle. To jump, swipe up.

It's you and Spirit against the world, with nothing but the open trail and your instincts to rely on.

As the landscapes blur by, you'll need to snatch up shiny coins and bright red apples. But beware - not all obstacles are what they seem. Some are too big even for Spirit to jump, so you'll need to be quick to sidestep. And don't forget, the faster Spirit runs, the quicker you must think and react. It's a race against the game and yourself!

So, are you ready to saddle up for this adventurous ride? Grab the reins, feel the freedom, and let the horizon call you to the great race ahead. Don't wait - your wild journey starts now!