Robot Unicorn Attack

Try the Robot Unicorn Attack game to venture through a realm full of rainbows and fairies. For how long will you ride your mystical beast without crashing?

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Do you believe in magical unicorns? Well, in the Robot Unicorn Attack game, you will get to ride an upgraded one! Run freely through a magical land with the power of rainbows by your side. How far do you think you'll make it using your Robot Unicorn?

Your job is to cover as much ground as possible and not crash your precious Robot Unicorn! However, the realm is full of obstacles that might harm you if you do not pay attention! Do you think your reflexes are fast enough so you will flawlessly control your stallion?

How to Play

Because your Unicorn is not only a robot but also magical, the controls are a piece of cake! It will run by itself, and you only have to worry about the fun stuff! Here is everything you need to know:

 - Z: Jump or Double Jump.

 - X: Rainbow Attack.

See? It looks pretty easy so far, right? However, your success will heavily rely on how fast you take action and make your move, so always stay alert!

Your job is to run for as long as you can without hitting something. Doing this, you will acquire loads of points depending on how much distance you cover! Also, you have two other sources to get points! The first is the floating fairies that will grant you ten points. Their value will increase as you grab more, so they might worth loads of points!

The second source is the giant stars. Those are harder to get than the fairies! You will have to use your Rainbow Attack if you want to get any points from them! If you succeed, you will earn one hundred points. This value also stacks, but if you're not sure you can have a clean hit, it's best to avoid and aim for the next one!

There is more you should know!

You have three wishes in this game! They work like health points, meaning you will lose one if you hit a star or terrain. Also, you will have to start from the beginning, and once you lose, all three wishes are game over! So try to go as far as possible without getting into trouble if you want a high score!

Lastly, even though you lose a wish, your progress will not be in vain! Your points from all three rounds will add to your final score. Also, you can always try again to beat it in the other rounds if you're not satisfied with the results. So, you should try your best always!

Are you ready to ride your Robot Unicorn through the magical realm? Buckle up, and let's see how far you can go and how many points you will get!