Spirit Racing Training

Play the Spirit Racing Training game to dodge, jump, and dash across stunning trails! Ready for adventure? Saddle up, and let's master those courses!

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About Spirit Racing Training Game

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Embark on a breathtaking journey with Lucky and her trusty Mustang, Spirit, as they gear up for the thrill of official races. In the Spirit Racing Training game, the duo takes to their farm's obstacle course, prepping for the big leagues with a practice run that's just as exhilarating. As you guide them, you'll weave through a tapestry of scenic trails that bring the beauty of nature right to your screen.

Your task is to help Lucky train Spirit to be the swiftest, most agile horse he can be. Mastering the course before time runs out is your main goal, leaping over logs and dashing past rocks. Collecting badges along the way is a sign of true skill, and with enough practice, you'll earn a medal that shines as bright as your dedication.

How to Play

As you take the reins, you'll steer Spirit with ease using simple movements. Here are your controls:


- Left/Right arrow keys: Make Spirit strafe left and right.

- Up arrow key: Jump over obstacles.

Swiping your finger is all it takes to navigate the course.

It's all about being quick, agile, and ready for anything the path throws your way.

During your race, you'll be given choices of different paths you can follow occasionally. Choose your path wisely — the easy trail is a safe bet, but the challenging route promises greater rewards. As you race against the clock, each checkpoint you pass breathes extra seconds into your timer. 

What else you should know

Your journey isn't just about speed; it's also about discovery. With each new level, a fresh landscape unfolds, from dense forests to towering mountains, each with its own set of surprises.

You can earn special badges for each race depending on how many points you have achieved - they're not just for show. Collect enough, and you'll unlock new routes that only the most skilled riders can handle.

So, are you ready to feel the rush of wind, the thrill of speed, and the pride of a race well-ridden? Gather your courage, grab your sense of adventure, and step into a world where every second counts and every jump could lead to victory. The trails are waiting, and Spirit is ready to run. The question is: are you?