Singing Horses

The Singing Horses game lets you conduct a horse a cappella band! Join the fun, and start mixing some tunes to lead this musical adventure!

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Step into the whimsical world of Singing Horses, the game where music and imagination gallop together. Not every day can you find a band of Swedish horses ready to serenade you with their a cappella skills. These equine vocalists are eager to show off their harmonious talents, and they're inviting you to be their conductor!

In this game, you're the maestro of this very special musical group. Each horse brings a unique sound to the ensemble - from deep beats to high melodies. It's up to you to mix and match their voices to create a symphony of hoof beats and harmonies. Will you lead them to a perfect performance?

How to Play

With a simple click of your mouse, you can control each horse's song. Click on a horse to start its singing and click again to silence it. It's like having a set of musical buttons, each bringing a different note to life. Combine their voices to craft your very own tune, or enjoy a solo from your favorite horse!

Like in a real band, every horse in your line-up has a special role. The horse on the far left? Think of it as your drummer, setting the rhythm everyone else follows. Moving right, you've got your bass, adding depth and groove to your tune. As you keep moving, the sounds get higher, filling in the melody.

But the real magic happens when you experiment. Mix their voices, find the harmony, and maybe you'll discover a melody never heard before!

Discover the joy of making music with the most charming band you'll ever meet. Ready to blend sounds and unleash your inner composer? There's a world of musical fun waiting for you. Let's make some beautiful noise!