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🐎 Try the Stay the Distance game for a fun horse racing adventure! Choose your horse, gallop through each track, and aim for the finish line first!

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About Stay the Distance Game

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The Stay the Distance game lets you feel the thrill of horse racing. As the sun sets on the race track, excitement builds for the day's final race. Players are transported into a world of fast-paced horse racing, where each decision can lead to victory or defeat.

Your task is to choose a horse from a group of six, each with its own chances of winning. The goal is to guide your chosen horse to win the race, balancing speed and stamina to reach the finish line first.

How to Play

Here's how to control your horse:
- Left/Right arrow keys: Steer left and right on the track
- Up arrow key: Increase pace
- Down arrow key: Decrease pace
- Spacebar: Jump over hurdles
- CTRL: Whip for an extra burst of speed

To begin with, you'll need to select a horse from six contenders. Each horse has different odds, affecting both the difficulty of winning the race and the amount of bonus points you can earn. A horse with longer odds might be tougher to win with but offers more points if you do win.

Once the race starts, you must manage several key aspects using the controls. Your main focus is on guiding your horse around the track. It's important not to get boxed in by other horses, as this can slow you down. You'll also need to navigate hurdles by jumping at the right time. This is where your timing with the spacebar is crucial.

You'll notice three bars at the top of the screen. The first shows how much distance is left in the race. The second is a gauge of your horse's energy level, which you need to watch closely. Running out of energy before the race ends almost certainly means you won't win. The third bar indicates how many times you can use the whip, activated by the CTRL key. The whip gives your horse a short burst of speed, but you only have three uses, so use them wisely.

More About Horses

Each horse you can choose from has its unique characteristics, jockey, trainer, odds, and form. Understanding these can help you make a more informed choice for your race. Here's a brief overview of each horse:

1. Pingleton
   - Jockey: Alfie O'Rourke
   - Trainer: Glenn Fitzroy
   - Odds: 2 - 1
   - Form: The only grey in the field, Pingleton is known for his energy and decent jumping skills. He's an older horse but doesn't let that slow him down, aiming to outshine his stablemate, Jummits.

2. Wippersnapper
   - Jockey: Jim McHall
   - Trainer: Edmond Bottlenose
   - Odds: 4 - 1
   - Form: A new star on the track, Wippersnapper has made the most of his opportunities, showing impressive form. With the skilled Jim McHall as his jockey, he's a strong contender.

3. Jummits
   - Jockey: Benny Palmercakes
   - Trainer: Glenn Fitzroy
   - Odds: 4 - 1
   - Form: Popular among fans, Jummits is a strong stallion. While he's great at enduring long races, his jumping is sometimes unpredictable. Benny Palmercakes will be aiming to guide him smoothly over the hurdles.

4. Snake Eyes
   - Jockey: Joe Vanilla
   - Trainer: Matthew Donster
   - Odds: 5 - 1
   - Form: After a period of injuries, Snake Eyes is making a comeback. He recently finished second to Pingleton, showing promising form despite his past setbacks.

5. American Gigolo
   - Jockey: Gazzils St. Vincent
   - Trainer: Keith McDee
   - Odds: 7 - 1
   - Form: Considered an outsider, American Gigolo handles fences well but might find the race's length challenging. His performance could be a surprise.

6. Brucey Bonus
   - Jockey: Justin Brooky
   - Trainer: Mrs. R Verma
   - Odds: 11 - 1
   - Form: Having fallen in his last three races, Brucey Bonus, along with his less experienced jockey Justin Brooky, is a risky choice. They'll be hoping for a turnaround in fortunes this time.

Choosing the right horse involves weighing odds, jockey skill, and form. Your selection could greatly influence your strategy and chances of winning the race.

What else you should know

Balancing your horse's pace is crucial. Fast pace uses more energy, so if your horse has long odds and less energy, it's wise to conserve energy and only push for speed towards the end of the race.

Don't use the whip too early; save it for the final stretch. Also, timing your jumps perfectly over hurdles can save precious energy.

With strategic decisions and skillful control, you can guide your chosen horse to victory. So, are you prepared to take on the challenge and race to the finish line? Let the races begin!