Bella Sara: Cloud Jumper

🌸 The Bella Sara: Cloud Jumper game sends you soaring through the skies on Pegasus! How many colorful flowers can you collect before the sun sets?

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About Bella Sara: Cloud Jumper Game

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In the Bella Sara: Cloud Jumper game, you'll soar through the skies on a magical adventure with Pegasus, the beautiful winged horse. You'll explore a kingdom filled with fluffy clouds and colorful flowers.  

As Pegasus's rider, your mission is to collect as many special flowers as you can before the sun sets. These aren't just any flowers – they're the key to a magical surprise at the end of your journey!

How to Play

You can guide Pegasus by either pressing the Spacebar or clicking your mouse. Each press or click will make Pegasus flap her wings and fly higher.

Your journey will start with Pegasus flying across the screen automatically. You'll see clouds in your path, and Pegasus will need your help to fly over them. When you see a cloud, just press the Spacebar or click the mouse to make Pegasus jump over it.

As you fly, you'll notice different colored flowers floating in the air. These are the special flowers you need to collect! Just fly Pegasus right into them, and they'll be added to your flower box on the screen.

What else you should know

The flower box is like a puzzle, and when you collect three flowers of the same color in a row or column, you get bonus points! Once you fill the whole box with nine flowers, it will empty, and you'll get even more bonus points.

Keep collecting flowers until the sun goes down and you reach the castle. The more flowers you gather, the bigger your reward will be!

This game is all about adventure and the magic of flight. Are you ready to take to the skies with Pegasus and collect those beautiful flowers?