Reachin' Pichin

Help the cute Pichin touch the sky in the Reachin' Pichin game! Collect treasures, evolve into awesome forms, and fly high in this sky adventure!

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About Reachin' Pichin Game

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Once upon a time, there was a cute little creature named Pichin in a twinkling galaxy far, far away. Pichin was born in a special experiment and dreams of flying high up in the sky to touch the stars. The Reachin' Pichin game is all about helping Pichin fly and explore the beautiful skies!

In this fun game, you get to be Pichin! You will help Pichin fly high into the sky to prove that it can reach the stars. Collect coins and gems, and bounce on magical cushions to go even higher and higher!

How to Play

To control Pichin, all you need is your mouse. Click the big red FLY button, and Pichin will leap into the air. Move your mouse from left to right to guide Pichin through the sky. Catch coins, gems, and treasures to help Pichin fly higher!

While flying, Pichin can collect cool things like coins, gems, and treasure chests. These treasures will help Pichin become stronger and better at flying. Also, look for red and gold cushions in the sky. Bouncing on them makes Pichin fly even higher!

Don't worry about bad guys in this game because there aren't any. However, not everything in the sky is helpful. There are things that can slow Pichin down. But sometimes, slowing down can be good, especially if Pichin is falling fast. Pichin keeps flying until it naturally falls to the ground.

After Pichin's flight is over, you will see a report of all the treasures collected. Then, guess what? Pichin can get cooler skills and abilities! The more you play, the more fun buttons you will unlock. One shows achievements, another helps in boosting Pichin's stats and skills, one is a research lab to make Pichin faster and bouncier, and the last one is an evolution lab!

There's more you should know!

In the evolution lab, Pichin can change! It starts as a neutral creature but can become a plant, beast, or metal Pichin. Each kind has its own look and special powers. But be careful: if Pichin changes from one kind to another, it might not be able to use some of its old powers.

There are two types of skills - passive and active. Passive skills work all the time without you doing anything. Active skills need you to click and hold the mouse to charge them and then let go to use them. You can see when they're ready in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Reachin' Pichin is a game full of sky-high adventures and twinkling treasures. As Pichin's guide, you'll explore the stars, gather magical goodies, and help Pichin evolve into an amazing flying creature. Get ready to soar through the skies with Pichin!