Ride-Along Animal Photo Adventure

Help Dora the Explorer photograph her favorite animals in the Ride-Along Animal Photo Adventure game! Travel together and take as many pictures as you can!

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Are you a passionate photographer and want to show off your skills? If so, you have to give the Ride-Along Animal Photo Adventure game a try! Dora the Explorer and her father are heading out on a trip, and they want to remember every sight. Will you join them and take snapshots of all the creatures you see?

Your friend is giving you an important mission: to photograph all her favorite animals. Go on an adventure together, complete Dora's photo album, and don't miss any of your targets! It's easy to lose focus with all the creatures that show up. Are you confident you can take the snapshots before you run out of time?

How to Play

It's time to begin your adventure! Luckily, to use your camera, you only need to use your mouse. Simply wait for the animals to show up and click on them to take a picture! Sounds easy as pie, doesn't it?

To begin with, hop in the car and get going! Dora the Explorer loves to travel, so she'll take you to visit many interesting places. Go to the farm, the lake or the rainforest, and don't forget to bring your camera! Your friend wants to take pictures of every animal she sees, so you must always be prepared!

Now is your chance to showcase your quick reaction skills! The creatures will only pop up for a short second, so there's no time to lose. Just pay attention to the list on the left side of the screen and look out for your targets. As soon as they show up, you have to capture the moment, or who knows when they'll come back?

Pay attention to the timer, or you might run out of time! Remember that Dora is only looking for certain animals, so you shouldn't fall for any tricks. Other creatures will sometimes show up, which can make you waste time taking pictures of them. This is why you must not get distracted and keep your eyes open at all times!

Will you be able to complete Dora's collection of animal photos? Your friend is counting on you to take snapshots in every location, so grab your camera and get going!