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Play the Gold Miner game to make a fortune by digging up many gold nuggets and diamonds. Go past the piles of junk to collect a treasure of a lifetime!

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Do you love shiny and valuable things? If that sounds like you, you are in for a gold rush in the Gold Miner game! There are loads of pricy minerals for you to dig up to get home and make a fortune. Do you think you can scoop them all up?

Your job is to help the friendly miner grab as much gold as he can carry! However, the land is also full of rocks that are not so valuable. So, you should have an impeccable aim if you want to hook only the gold!

How to Play

Before using your claw to dig up the gold, you need to know the controls! Don't worry, though! They are pretty simple. You only have to use your Down arrow key to drop it and the Up arrow key to toss dynamite! With a bit of practice, everything should be a piece of cake!

There are many levels to complete, and for each one, you will have a goal of money to hit! For example, if you have to get one thousand dollars worth of gold, you will need to pick gold nuggets until you hit that mark. Their worth might differ. The big ones cost five hundred dollars, the smallest one is fifty, and you might find some precious diamonds!

On the other hand, you have other buried objects that might stand in your way! For example, some gold might have rocks, bones, and other things around it. If your aim is not perfect, you might catch one! These objects are worth something but not close to a gold nugget, so don't waste your time with them!

There is more you should know!

Your biggest enemy is the timer! Meaning you will have an amount of time to reach every goal. If you can't do it before the seconds run out, it's game over, and you will have to restart! However, if you manage to move fast and grab loads of gold, you will go through all the levels swiftly!

You will also have some tools to help you! For example, you might find some bags of dynamite that can boost your miner's strength! Also, you can buy some power-ups after every level:

 - Dynamite: Use it to blow up what you catch. 

 - Strength Drink: The miner will reel up objects faster for the next level.

 - Rock Collectors Book: Rocks will be worth three times their worth for the next level.

 - Diamon Polish: Diamonds will be worth more during the next level.

All of them will cost you some cash, and if you are not careful with your funds, you will make your job harder to reach your goal at the next level!

Are you ready to see how much gold you can dig up? Will the miner go home with a fortune or a pack of rocks? Let's get you started and see how you'll perform!