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🧜‍♀️ Play the Lovely Mermaid game to uncover all the hidden differences in pictures! Spot the changes in each scene to unfold the whole mermaid's tale!

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About Lovely Mermaid Game

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Jump into the enchanting world of Lovely Mermaid, a game filled with beautiful underwater scenes and a captivating story. This game isn't just about looking at pretty pictures; it's an adventure where each image tells a part of a heartwarming story about a mermaid and a prince.

Your job is to find the six hidden differences in each set of pictures. As you spot these differences, you're helping the mermaid's story come to life! It's like being a part of a magical tale where your keen eyes can make the story move forward.

How to Play

Playing is simple. Just use your mouse to point and click on the differences you spot in the images. It's like playing detective but with beautiful artwork from an underwater world.

Each level shows you two almost identical images from the mermaid's story. Still, there are six small differences you need to spot. Your job is to examine the pictures closely and click on the parts that are different. Every time you find a difference, you move the story forward and unlock the next scene.

As you play, you'll earn points for each difference you spot correctly – five points for each one. But here's a twist: if you're stuck, you can use a hint by clicking on the magnifying glass icon, which costs 10 points. This can be really helpful, but since it uses up your points, it's best to use it wisely. 

Also, be careful with your guesses. Every time you click on a wrong spot, it costs you 5 points. This means you need to be thoughtful and precise with your clicks.

What else you should know

As you progress through the levels, the story of the Lovely Mermaid and the Prince unfolds, making it a rewarding experience as you get to see more of their tale with each successful find.

To succeed, take your time and look closely at the details in each image. Sometimes, the differences are small, so paying attention to every part of the picture helps.

Are you ready to uncover all the secrets in this beautiful underwater love story? Start playing and see if you can reach the end of the tale!