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The Office Kissing game challenges you to sneak kisses in a fun office setting! Can you help the two coworkers kiss without the boss noticing?

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About Office Kissing Game

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Office Kissing is a fun game where you're in an office trying to help two coworkers share secret kisses. The game is set in a busy Japanese office with a guy who's been working there for four years and a new girl who just joined the team. It's all about sneaky moments and keeping an eye out for the boss!

Your job is to help the guy kiss the girl without getting caught by their manager. You need to be sneaky because the boss is often around, and if he sees them kissing, it's game over. It's a challenge to find the perfect moment for a quick kiss without getting into trouble.

How to Play

All you need is your left mouse button. Click and hold it to start a chain of kisses between the two characters. The longer you hold, the more adventurous the game gets!

As you click and hold the mouse button, you'll notice the love level increasing. This is your score multiplier – the higher it gets, the better your score. But be careful, as this also increases the risk of getting caught!

The manager is the main obstacle in your path. He's often busy talking to the new office lady, but sometimes he gets distracted with phone calls. That's your chance to sneak in those kisses. However, once he ends his call, he turns back to his work – and you need to stop kissing immediately!

The game is set against a typical workday, starting at 9:00 AM and ending at 6:00 PM. The clock on the wall ticks down the time, adding a sense of urgency to your mission. Can you help the office employee win his colleague's heart before the day ends?

What else you should know

Timing is everything. Watch the manager closely and learn his patterns to find the best moments to act.

It's a balance between being bold and being cautious. Sometimes, taking a risk can pay off with a high score, but getting caught means game over!

The game offers a playful, engaging experience filled with humor, timing challenges, and a sweet storyline. So, are you ready to help create a workplace romance without getting caught? Give it a try and see how high you can score in this fun and sneaky kissing adventure!