Office Slacking 2

Join the fun in the Office Slacking 2 game, with new tasks like ping pong or napping! Can you help Sarah avoid the boss and complete all activities?

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About Office Slacking 2 Game

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In the Office Slacking 2 game, Sarah is back at her desk and still not interested in working! This fun sequel brings even more amusing activities for Sarah to do while she's supposed to be working. What's new? Sarah can now play ping pong on her computer, take a quick nap, check out social networks, throw paper into the bin, and even do a pedicure! It's all about sneaky fun while the boss isn't looking.

Your role is to help Sarah complete these new, exciting tasks without getting caught by her boss. Just like before, you need to be quick and careful. If the boss comes by, you have to act like you're working hard! The challenge is to finish all the activities before time runs out.

How to Play

You'll help Sarah tackle each fun activity using your mouse or keyboard. Choose any task from the right panel, and a window will pop up for you to start playing. Whether it's a relaxing pedicure or a sneaky game of ping pong, you're in control of Sarah's secret office fun.

The game has a mix of brand-new tasks and some favorites from the previous game. While Sarah is texting her friends or doing her manicure, you'll also help her with her new hobbies.

But be alert! The boss can come in to check on Sarah at any time. If he catches her not working or time runs out, the game is over. Remember, you only have three minutes to complete everything!

Keep an eye on the clock and prioritize the quicker tasks. Always be ready to click the X and pretend to work when the boss shows up. It's all about timing and knowing when to switch between tasks!

This game is a fun mix of strategy, speed, and a bit of mischief. Ready to help Sarah outwit her boss again in this hilarious sequel? Let's see how many tasks you can complete before time runs out or the boss catches on!

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