Pixel Quest: The Lost Idols

Play the role of an adventurous archeologist in the Pixel Quest: The Lost Idols game! Explore ancient temples, collect golden idols, and finish the levels!

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About Pixel Quest: The Lost Idols Game

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Try the Pixel Quest: The Lost Idols game if you are in an adventurous mood! You will get the chance to discover the depths of ancient temples, filled with marvelous treasure.

Besides, you will also enjoy the retro feel of the game, complete with matching music and graphics. However, don't forget that such temples are filled with traps, or even cursed! 

You will play the role of a brave archeologist called Rex. The old professor at university has a special mission in store for you. He has discovered an ancient map of temples, housing ancient frog idols. Can you recover them and survive the perilous journey? 

Let's learn how to play!

The game consists of 48 levels in three different settings. They get increasingly difficult as you advance, so you'd better put your best foot forward. What is more, to move on to another area, you will need to collect a certain number of idols. Can you do it?

Can you navigate the terrifying chambers of these ancient tombs? The controls are quite simple and versatile. Use the Left and Right arrow keys to move around the screen. Jump by pressing the Up Arrow, or duck using the Down Arrow. Alternatively, you can use the W, A, S, and D keys if you prefer. If you need a little speed or force, press the Z key to dash. I told you, it's easy as pie!

What is more, you can combine the previously mentioned keys to perform new moves. Can you complete a double jump, an air dash, or a wall slide? Find the right key combinations to get you out of any sticky situation!

Find a way out of any situation!

The goal of each level is for you to find the key that unlocks the elusive red door. However, many obstacles are standing between you and your goal! Dropping spikes, boiling lava, and giant rolling boulders are just a few of the deadly perils you will need to face. Can you overcome all of them? 

You should also look out for traps! Everything is not what it seems when it comes to ancient temples, hidden inside a secret jungle. However, the rewards of this perilous journey are fit for a true adventurer. Make sure you collect the gems for extra points! However, the most important loot consists of the golden idols, so watch out for those!

The coolest feature of this game is the Stats button in the main menu. Besides keeping inventory of the treasure you have collected, you can also find out how many times you have failed your mission.

But wait, there's more! Aren't you curious about the cause of your death? The game keeps count of how many times you have been crushed, burned, sawed, shot down by a turret, and so on. Isn't that funny?

Your final score is based on how swift you were while getting through the level. However, you should also gather as much loot as you can. Do you think you have what it takes to become an epic adventurer?