Prince of Persia: Special Edition

Play the Prince of Persia: Special Edition game for an epic 8-minute adventure! Race against time, dodge traps, and stop the Vizier's evil plan!

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About Prince of Persia: Special Edition Game

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In the Prince of Persia: Special Edition game, you enter a thrilling world where danger and adventure await at every turn. The story unfolds with the Vizier taking over the kingdom using the Sands of Time, a powerful and feared magic. You play as the Prince, the only one brave and quick enough to challenge the Vizier's sinister plans in a race against time.

As the Prince, you have just 8 minutes to navigate through a dungeon filled with obstacles and reach the Vizier's throne room. The goal is to stop him from unleashing the devastating power of the Sands of Time. Your journey is a race against time, filled with traps and dangers at every turn.

How to Play

Here's how to control the Prince:
- Left/Right arrow keys: Run left or right
- Up arrow key: Vertical Jump / Parry attacks
- Down arrow key: Climb down on ledges / Put away your sword
- Spacebar: Standing Forward Jump
- Shift: Walk / Grab onto ledges / Pick up items

Your adventure is filled with various challenges that test both your timing and strategy. The dungeon you navigate through is a maze of different obstacles. You'll encounter ledges that require careful climbing, gaps that need precise jumping, and traps that demand quick thinking to avoid. It's important to understand that each part of the dungeon has its own patterns. Understanding these patterns will help you progress through the game.

Combat is another crucial element of your journey. As you make your way through the dungeon, you'll come across enemy guards. To engage in battle, you first need to find a sword hidden somewhere within the dungeon. Once armed, you use the arrow keys to control your movements in combat. Moving towards or away from your enemy allows you to manage your position, while the Up arrow key is used for parrying attacks. If you find yourself in a tough spot, pressing the Down arrow key will put away your sword, giving you a chance to escape.

What makes this game especially challenging is the time limit. You have only 8 minutes to reach the Vizier's throne room, adding a sense of hurry to every action you take. Balancing speed with caution is vital. Rushing blindly can lead to mistakes, but being too cautious can waste precious time. It's a thrilling race against the clock where every second counts.

What else you should know

Keeping an eye on your life is crucial for survival. Your health is displayed as three bottles of red potion at the bottom left of your screen. If you fall from a height, you may lose one of these precious bottles. The good news is the dungeon hides life potions in secret areas. Finding and drinking these potions will replenish your life, giving you more chances to complete your mission.

But beware, some other deadly dangers can end your journey instantly. Falling into gaps with spikes, getting cut by a guillotine, or being struck by an enemy guard's sword are just a few of the lethal hazards you'll face. These dangers are unforgiving, as encountering any of them will result in an immediate game over. This means you'll have to start your adventure all over again from the beginning.

Now, are you ready to step into the shoes of the Prince and save the day? It's time to embark on this exciting race against time and see if you can outwit the Vizier and save the kingdom!