Puss in Boots: Barrel Run

Try the Puss in Boots: Barrel Run game to help the gallant cat outrun Beast through cities! Can you use your barrel to defeat all thieves on your way?

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About Puss in Boots: Barrel Run Game

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Puss is in big trouble in the Puss in Boots: Barrel Run game! Beast is coming after him, the paths to safety are dull of foes, and he only has a barrel to help him escape this situation. However, with your help, he might have a chance to come out on top, don't you think?

Your role is to guide the Puss in Boots through his challenges and stay clear of Beast! However, the cute cat cannot use his sword this time, so do you think you'll find a way to go over the villains around town? Let's get started and see what you've got!

How to Play

Riding a barrel is a piece of cake for Puss, but you still need to go over some controls to help him! The only thing you have to do is to press the Spacebar or tap the screen to jump over obstacles and pits! Also, you can double-press it if you need to get to something higher or if you have a long jump!

There are three locations to clear:

 - Thieves Market;

 - Red Rock Canyon;

 - San Lorenzo;

Also, you should complete each location three times, and the task will only become harder! However, nothing will stand in your way if you adjust fast to the situation!

You will encounter many foes on your way, and you will only slow down if you bump into them. You should keep up the pace because The Beast might catch up with you otherwise!

There's more you should know!

Don't worry, though! You will have handy power-ups to get you out of sticky situations. Use the blue one so the thieves will fall if you drop on their head, or the red one that will help Puss to float high for a while!

Lastly, even though Puss in Boots has dangers all around him, he never forgets to make a profit. Try to grab as many coins as possible on your way! If you go past some, you might try to fall into the pits. Even though it's not ideal, you will get started from the last checkpoint, and you can grab the leftover coins!

Are you ready to jump into the adventure and help Puss in Boots escape Beast? The more you wait, the closer it gets, so hurry and start running!