Tasty Planet

Dive into the Tasty Planet game and guide a grey goo on a huge eating spree! Can you help it grow from tiny to massive by devouring everything in sight?

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The Tasty Planet game shares the same fun eat and grow concept with the popular Fish Eat Fish game. This time, you'll control a small grey ball of goo with a big appetite. Originally created to clean bathrooms by eating dirt and bacteria, this goo has other plans. It starts to eat everything in its path – from tiny bugs to entire cities!

As the grey goo, your mission is to eat and grow. You'll start by consuming small items and gradually work your way up to larger ones. Your goal is to eat everything smaller than you and avoid anything bigger, growing bigger with each bite.

How to Play

You'll control the tiny grey goo with the arrow keys. As you move around each level, look for smaller things to munch on. Things like dirt, bugs, and bacteria are perfect for starters. Every bite makes the goo grow bigger, and as it grows, it can start eating larger things like fish, mice, or even cars!

The game gets really interesting as your goo gets bigger. You'll see an arrow pointing to the biggest thing you can eat. This helps you know what to chase next. But watch out! There are bigger things lurking around that can eat your goo if you're not careful. It's like a big game of who can eat whom!

Each level has a special goal for how big your goo needs to get. You can see your progress on a bar at the top left of the screen that fills up red as you grow. But remember, there's a clock ticking! You need to hit your size target before time runs out to beat the level and jump into the next one.

The game is a mix of fast-paced action and clever strategy. With each level, you'll face new, fun challenges that will keep you on your toes. Can you help the goo eat its way to victory? Let's start the feasting frenzy!