Tiles of the Simpsons

Play the Tiles of the Simpsons game to match your favorite characters and reveal fun pictures. Can you become the tile master? Let's start matching!

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About Tiles of the Simpsons Game

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Tiles of the Simpsons is a super cool game where you match tiles with your favorite characters from The Simpsons! It's a lot like Mahjong but with a special twist. When you match all the tiles, you'll reveal a fun picture of The Simpsons!

In this game, you're a super tile matcher! Your job is to find tiles that are the same and match them together. The big challenge? The tiles have to be next to each other, and they can't be blocked by other tiles!

How to Play

Here's how you control the game: find two or more tiles that are the same, and they have to be next to each other. Remember, they can't be blocked by other tiles. The tiles have pictures of famous characters like Homer, Bart, and Lisa!

Now, you won't just match two tiles at a time, you can match even more! And guess what? If you match the tiles and clear the stack, the tiles from the top will tumble down. If three or more of the same tiles land next to each other, they'll clear all by themselves! That's called a combo, and combos give you special rewards.

One more thing: the game gives you Duff bombs for every combo you make! What's a Duff bomb? It's a special tile that looks like a can of Duff beer from The Simpsons. These Duff bombs help you clear tiles that you can't match. They're super helpful, especially as you get farther in the game.

What else you should know

Here's a tip for becoming a great tile matcher: try to make as many combos as you can! That way, you'll earn more Duff bombs, and you'll be able to clear more tiles.

You're now ready to have a blast with Tiles of the Simpsons! Remember, the goal is to match all the tiles and have fun with your favorite Simpsons characters. So, get ready to match, combo, and Duff bomb your way to victory! Let's reveal some Simpsons pictures, tile master!