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Play the Run 2 game to explore the galaxy and test your agility! Are you fast and smart enough to jump from platform to platform, racing among the stars?

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Try the Run 2 game if you have always wanted to explore the universe! You are in for a smooth and addictive gaming experience that allows you to chill out while running through the galaxy. Jump from one platform to another and find the safest path to the next level! Can you keep up with this fast-paced race?

You will play the role of an adorable protagonist in a mission to map out every corner of the galaxy, then return to his home planet safely. Level by level, you will need to master the mechanics of the game, improve your reflexes, and find creative ways to reach the finish line!

How to Play

The game consists of 25 levels that will challenge your abilities and 5 bonus ones for the pros. At the beginning of the game, each new stage introduces a new game mechanic. You will need to master each new skill to move to advance in the game! Did you know that sometimes the name of a level can give essential hints?

The first step is to choose a character for your intergalactic adventure. We suggest that you try the runner first, as it is easier to control. After becoming better, you should try playing as a skater. This character can jump further, yet it's harder to control him. Keep in mind that some levels are impossible to complete unless you make the right choice!

Are you ready to learn how to play?  Move your character left and right by using the respective Arrow Keys. Press the Space Bar to jump! Did you know that you can change the control to suit your preferences? Click on the 'Edit' tab in the main menu to find the best way to play the game!

There's more you should know!

Each level will test your agility, as well as your problem-solving abilities. There's a feature that sets this game apart from others in the genre! You'll soon discover that walking along a wall will change the game's perspective, rotating it by 90 degrees. However, you should never try to perform this move when it comes to narrow, dark-colored walls. 

Can you collect the bonus point in every level? Often you will need to find an alternative path to the finish line to achieve this goal. The more bonus points you manage to collect, the more you prove your skills!

The most impressive part of this game is that you can create a level, then play it or share it with your friends. Click on the 'Edit' tab in the main menu if you want to try your hand at game-design! You can customize many parameters, such as the width, length, color, and the map of the level. Isn't that exciting?

Are you ready to head out on an exciting intergalactic adventure? The smart design and addictive gameplay will keep you glued to the screen for hours!


Can I play Run 2 without Flash?

Yes, you can play Run 2 on NuMuKi without the Flash Player Plugin.

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