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Play the Happos Match Up game to test your memory while discovering all the members of the Happo Family! How many pairs will you match without mistakes?

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About Happos Match Up Game

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It's time to test your memory in the Happos Match Up game! Join the Happos Family and see how many card pairs you can match. However, this task might be tougher than it sounds if your attention is not on point!

Your role is to see if you can remember each card's position and turn them to match them. For how long do you think you can keep it up? Let's get you started and see how well you'll perform!

How to Play

Because you'll spend a long time focusing on matching, the controls are pretty simple! You only need your mouse to turn the cards around. Also, if you take your time, your picks will be as accurate as possible. You might even match all the pairs without any mistakes!

You will have plenty of stages to clear. At first, all the cards will be face up, and then they'll turn around. A pro tip would be to try and memorize where each one is as fast as possible. However, if it gets too much, it's no problem if you make some mistakes! The game will continue for as long as you'd like or until you pair everything up.

Lastly, if you make loads of pairs in a row, you will build a combo to increase your score. Also, it will continue for the rest of the rounds if you manage to keep it up. But, if you make a mistake, it will break, and you'll have to start your strike again! For how long do you think you can keep it up?

Are you ready to start testing your memory and meet the entire Happo Family while you're at it? Let's start and see what new members and objects you'll discover.