Monster Kicks

Join the team and chase out the ugly creatures with Victor and Valentino in the Monster Kicks game! Throw the ball and make the Chorizo Monsters disappear!

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Help the two boys chase out the ugly creatures in the Victor and Valentino: Monster Kicks game! If you're a fan of Victor and Valentino, you know that Monte Macabre was never a safe city. Monsters are always roaming around the area, and it's up to the two kids to keep them out. Will you help them get rid of the scary creatures?

This is a catchy soccer-themed skill game where you have to do your best and make all the monsters disappear! Just like a real game of soccer, you have to shoot from Victor to Valentino. The lane between them is full of evil creatures, and one hit of the ball is enough to get rid of them. Do your best and chase out the army of Chorizo Monsters!

How to Play

Start the mission and pass the ball from one boy to the other! To do that, all you're going to need is a mouse! Just wait for the right timing, then left-click on the screen, and the ball will shoo away all the monsters it touches. Seems pretty straightforward, doesn't it?

The more creatures you hit in one shot, the higher your score will be! You will earn a bonus of 300 points for any 2 monsters, or even 1000 points for 3. If you're aiming for a new record, you should keep this in mind and pay attention!

You only have 3 lives at your disposal, so use them wisely! The more you progress through the game, the more Chorizo Monsters will keep coming towards you. For each one you let escape, you lose one heart, so make sure to stay focused and keep shooting!

What else you should know

Every time you play, you will earn some currency for your efforts! You can use it to buy powerful boosts in the store. The rewards include 3 power-ups that will make the ball bigger, leave a fiery trail behind it, or even cause a shock wave to defeat the creatures!

Of course, you can also buy cosmetic items to truly make the ball your own.

What do you say? Victor and Valentino are counting on you to help defeat the army of Chorizo Monsters. Join the team and put your soccer skills to use in this fun challenge!