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About Jelly of the Beast Game

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Mao Mao is facing a new opponent in the Jelly of the Beast game! Pure Heart Valley never seems to be at peace because evil forces are always waiting to attack. The cat swordsman is ready for a new challenge, so help him and defeat the attackers!

Your job is to protect the citizens of the cuddly town and send the jelly monsters away! Playing as Mao Mao, you need to use your skills to slash right through the slimes and help the Sweety Pies break free. Your cute friends need your help! Begin the challenge and bring peace back to the city!

How to play the game

Using your mouse, you will have to click on the screen at the right time and attack the jelly monster. The game requires quick reaction time because you could hurt the citizens of Pure Heart Valley instead!

After each level, you will be given some coins, which can be used in the store. You should focus on collecting as much currency as possible! It will help you buy bombs that damage or freeze the enemy, a grapple that can remove a Sweety Pie from inside the slime, or even a fan that will push your friends to the side. 

As you play, you will notice that a wheel will pop up, allowing you to spin it in exchange for coins. The bonuses you can get from it vary from extra time to more hearts, currency, or even starting the level with an advantage! 

What else you should know 

Try to wait for the right time before making your move! You only get to hit the Sweety Pies a few times before you lose the game and have to go back to the beginning. You should focus on attacking the right target, and try to get some combos for a higher score!

Keep in mind to try and get as many power-ups as possible because they will help you get through the levels more easily! As you progress, the stages' difficulty will keep increasing, so stay focused and defeat the enemies!

Mao Mao and the citizens of Pure Heart Valley need your help! Begin your adventure and defeat the jelly monsters to restore peace in the city!

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