💄🐸 Mix magical ingredients in the Frogtastic game and create the perfect lipstick to turn a frog into a prince! Ready for a fairy-tale transformation?

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About Frogtastic Game

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In the Frogtastic game, you'll enter a magical world where a simple kiss can turn a frog into a prince. But there's a catch! You need to create the perfect magic lipstick first. Set in an enchanting environment, this game is all about mixing strange and wonderful ingredients to find that magical formula.

Your mission is to experiment with different ingredients to concoct the ideal lipstick. Once you've got your magic lipstick, the next step is to apply it and kiss the frog. If your potion is just right, you'll transform the frog into a prince!

How to Play

In this game, you're like a wizard in the kitchen. Your mission is to create the most amazing magic lipstick ever. You'll see a bunch of cool ingredients, like a mysterious blue frog, a shiny rainbow, or a secret purple potion. Imagine you're making a magic recipe – but instead of food, it's lipstick!

Here's how you do it. First, use your mouse to pick four ingredients and put them into a big cauldron. Remember, you can only use each ingredient once, so choose carefully! After you've picked your ingredients, it's time to mix them all up. Just click and watch the magic happen!

Now that your lipstick is ready, it's time to apply it. Move your mouse really fast from side to side to fill up a bar with purple color – that's when you know the lipstick is perfectly on.

The final and most exciting part is kissing the frog. You need to click on the frog as quickly as you can. If your magic lipstick is just right, the frog might just turn into a prince!

What else you should know

Remember, each ingredient adds its own magic touch. You can try different ingredients to see what happens each time you play. It's like being a magician, finding the perfect spell to make fairy tale magic come true.

Are you ready to mix, apply, and kiss your way to finding the perfect prince? Start your magical adventure now and see what spells you can cast!

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