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🐹 Dive into the Hamster Hotel game and help Max run a bustling inn! Manage rooms, serve tasty meals, and juggle happy guests for hotel fame!

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About Hamster Hotel Game

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Welcome to the Hamster Hotel game! Imagine a cute little world where Max the Hamster is the boss of his own hotel. It's a fun place where guests come to stay, eat, and have a great time. This game lets you dive into a colorful hotel life, where you can make furry friends and earn stars to make your hotel even cooler.

Your mission is to help Max make his hotel the best place ever! You'll check guests into rooms, make sure their bags get to them, serve up some tasty food, and more. Keep your guests happy, and your hotel will become more famous!

How to Play

To play Hamster Hotel, you'll use your mouse to click on things. Click on the guests to help them, click on rooms to place them, and click on food to serve meals. Everything is just a click away!

First things first, let's check in guests! When they walk in, just click on them and then click on an open room. That's how they know where to stay.

People usually have bags with them, right? Click on the luggage, and a bellboy will grab it for them. Then click on the guest so they get their stuff.

It's dinner time, and guests get hungry? Just click on food plates and then click on the guest to feed them. Yum!

Now, how to make your hotel better? Keep your guests happy! If they leave with five happy hearts, the room they stayed in gets a bonus star. More stars mean you can charge more for the room!

Sometimes rooms get dirty. Click on cleaning stuff like brooms, and someone will clean it up. Neat and clean rooms mean happier guests!

At the end, guests will go to the checkout area. Click on them to collect your hard-earned money.

There's more you should know!

Made a mistake? No problem! You can click on a moving belt to get rid of the wrong items. Just be quick because time is precious.

You'll notice a window in the top right that shows what guests on other floors want. You can click to switch between floors.

Every new level makes the game more challenging; you'll need to earn more money and juggle more tasks at the same time!

Here's a tip: Speed matters! The faster you help guests, the more patience hearts they have left. More hearts mean more stars for your hotel rooms.

Ready for the ultimate hotel adventure? You'll learn how to take care of guests, make money, and even how to upgrade your hotel to make it the best it can be. Let's help Max make it the most awesome place around!