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Try the Monster Tower Defense game if you need a little excitement in your life! Can you devise the perfect strategy, using monsters to shoot all the balls?

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About Monster Tower Defense Game

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Play the Monster Tower Defense game and prove that you can think on your feet! Have you ever played games where you have to defend your base before? Then you'll love this challenge, as it allows you to ease into this genre with straightforward yet thrilling missions. Who knows? Maybe you'll reach the final level and become a pro when it comes to defensive strategies.

Besides the tutorial, the game consists of 18 levels, each a little more challenging than the previous. Can you get through all of them? You will receive a maximum of three stars for each stage of the game you complete successfully. If you want an even bigger challenge, you can aim to gather as many points as possible. Are you ready to give it a try?

How to Play

Let's get familiar with the elements on the screen first! At the top, you can see the wave bar. It shows how many enemies you have to face until the end of the level. Right next to it, you can glance at your health. It will deplete with each ball that gets past the finish line. The other bar represents your energy. Use it to create monsters and defend your land! You can replenish this resource with every foe you destroy. 

Get ready to play! You have a few seconds to place monsters before the balls start rolling on the course. Click on one of the items in the lower right corner and pick one! Next, you should drag it to a green square in the gaming area. Take a close look at the route that the enemy projectiles take! Can you think of the best location for the monster cannons?

The balls will soon start rolling. There are different kinds of projectiles with different resistances. Namely, some of them require multiple shots to destroy them. What is more, you can upgrade your monsters and make them more powerful. Devise a strategy, taking advantage of all your options!

Pay close attention to the winding road! If you place your cannons in the right location, you'll be able to destroy all the balls that come your way. For instance, you can plant a monster in the curve of the road, away from tunnels that might protect your foes. It will help you get more successful shots in a limited time.

Give this trick a try and discover more as you advance through the levels! You might become a pro when it comes to defending the Monster Tower. It's such a fun and thrilling challenge!