Goat Crossing

Test your wits with the Goat Crossing game! Can you solve this mind-bending puzzle and carry the goats, the wolf, and the farmer to the other side?

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Play the Goat Crossing game if you think you are an excellent puzzle-solver! This seemingly simple game will surely challenge even the brightest of players. What can be so hard about moving goats from one side of the river to the other? Give this game a try, and you'll find out! 

The premise is charming and uncomplicated. Your group consists of a farmer, a wolf, two adult goats, and four goatlings. Additionally, you have a simple raft that can only transport two people or animals at once. Can you bring all the members of the party to the other side?

How to Play

Let's start paddling! Take a close look at your group and decide who your first two passengers will be. Keep in mind that only three characters can drive the raft! Therefore, make sure you choose the farmer, the adult black goat, or the adult white goat for every crossing!

After choosing your first driver, pick out a passenger. There are a few important rules to consider here as well! You can't leave the white adult goat alone with the black goatlings unless the black adult goat is present. The same goes for the black adult goat and the white goatlings!

The wolf is very dangerous as well! Therefore, you can't leave him alone with any of the goats unless the farmer is present. Can you take advantage of this fact to find the solution? Think about moving this dangerous beast first, then leaving the farmer in charge of him. What is more, this move can come in handy once more, at the end of the game!

It's up to you to find the solution to this challenging puzzle game! Given that there is only one correct solution, you'll spend some time trying to figure it out using trial and error! However, if you don't lose patience and use your logic skills, you'll surely figure it out! If not, you can get some hints by researching this game on the internet.