Godzilla Daikaiju Battle Royale

Join the ultimate battle of giant monsters in the Godzilla Daikaiju Battle Royale game! Choose your kaiju start fighting against other fierceful monsters!

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About Godzilla Daikaiju Battle Royale Game

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You'll love the Godzilla Daikaiju Battle Royale game if you'd like to control your favorite monsters as they battle it out in epic showdowns. With multiple game modes, power-ups, and destructible environments, it's an action-packed adventure that will keep you entertained for hours.

The game features exciting one-on-one battles in different locations and settings. You'll take on the role of a giant monster like Godzilla and use its unique abilities to defeat other opponents. The ultimate goal is to be the last monster standing and become the ultimate champion of the game.

How to Play

Let's start with the controls, which vary depending on the number of players as follows:

1 Player Controls

 - Left/Right arrow keys: Move left/right
 - Down arrow key: Squat/Fly Down
 - Up arrow key: Jump/Fly Up
 - A: Roar
 - S: Special
 - Z: Kick
 - X: Punch

If you choose the 2-Player mode, the controls will be different:

Player 1
 - F/C/V/B: Move around
 - A: Roar
 - S: Special
 - Z: Kick
 - X: Punch

Player 2
 - Arrow keys: Move around
 - I: Roar
 - O: Special
 - K: Kick
 - L: Punch

You can also press the Spacebar to view the Controls at the bottom of your screen during a match.

Game Modes

The game features multiple game modes you can choose from:

 - Arcade Mode: Choose your favorite Kaiju and defeat five different challengers to become the ultimate King of the Monsters!

 - Battle Mode - 1P vs. COM: Test your skills against the computer in a one-on-one showdown!

 - Battle Mode - 1P vs. 2P: Grab a friend and challenge each other to an epic battle of monsters!

 - Battle Mode - COM vs. COM: Sit back and watch the computer control the action as two monsters battle it out!

There's more you should know!

Can you believe this game has 68 different monsters you can play as? Some monsters can even turn into different ones, either when you want to or after taking some damage. Just make sure to collect enough energy to make it happen! Some of the cool monsters you can play as include Godzilla, King Kong, and Mothra! But you'll have to play well and unlock them first!

Lastly, the game also features a Password section, which you can use to unlock specific monsters. Here are all the accepted codes:

 - sollgel => Kamacuras.
 - mysterians => Moguera.
 - savetheearth => Hedorah from 1971.
 - monster0 => King Ghidorah from 1964.
 - mafune => Titanosaurus.
 - erika => Biollante.
 - serizawa => Destoroyah.
 - leo => Mothra Leo from 1996.
 - heisei => Godzilla from 1994.
 - gino => Zilla.
 - gorath => Monster X & Keizer Ghidorah.
 - ghogo => Rainbow Mothra & Aqua Mothra.
 - unbelievable => Varan.
 - meganula => Megaguirus.
 - eviltwin => Battra.
 - unleashed => Krystalak.
 - meltdown => Burning Godzilla.
 - ichiro => Gabara.
 - subterranean => Baragon from 1965.
 - exitium => Glacies.
 - iceberg => Godzilla from 1962.
 - spacehunterm => Gigan from 1972.
 - seatopia => Megalon.
 - spacemetal => Fake Godzilla & MechaGodzilla from 1974.
 - paris => Gorosaurus.
 - tailslide => Godzilla from 1973.
 - organizerg1 => Godzilla 2000.
 - millenian => Orga.
 - atragon => Manda & Gotengo.
 - azumi => King Caesar.
 - goro => Jet Jaguar.
 - ungcc => Garuda, MechaGodzilla 1993, & Super MechaGodzilla.
 - fukuoka => SpaceGodzilla.
 - sakimori => Zone Fighter.
 - 8thwonder => King Kong.
 - gmk => Godzilla 2001.
 - srawlanif => All Silver Monsters.
 - gojira54 => Godzilla from 1954.
 - tokyosos => Godzilla from 2002.
 - awm => All Gold Monsters.
 - 1131954 => Unlocks everything in the game.

Remember, it's always better to play the game without cheating, but if you really want to use these codes, make sure to ask permission from an adult first.

With its exciting gameplay and multiple game modes, Godzilla Daikaiju Battle Royale is a game that any fan of monster movies will love. Choose your favorite monster, and let the battles begin!