Double Trouble in Mirror Castle

Help Vambre and Prohyas find the Mirrorange Magisword in the Double Trouble in Mirror Castle game! Escape the labyrinth and return your friends to normal!

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About Double Trouble in Mirror Castle Game

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Join Vambre and Prohyas on their quest to escape the labyrinth in the Double Trouble in Mirror Castle game! It seems like the Mirrorange Magisword has trapped the two warriors in the castle. They need to find a way out and reverse the sword's effects, but how will they do that? Will you help your friends solve the mystery?

Your job is to guide both siblings at the same time and gather gems to reach the final stage of the mission. The screen will be split in two, and Vambre and Prohyas will precisely mirror each other's movements. Find a way out and help the two escape the sword's curse!

How to Play

You will be able to move your characters by pressing the Arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate the labyrinth. If you manage to find a Magisword, you can use it to attack by pushing the Spacebar. Sounds easy so far, doesn't it?

Vambre and Progyas will mirror each other, so you need to pay attention and gather all the scattered gems. The screen will always be split in two, so you need to explore both sides to make sure you've collected everything!

The game has a total of 28 stages, after which you will be allowed to grab the Mirrorange Magisword and finally reverse its' effect. To finish each level, you need to get both characters to walk towards the shiny beam of light at the same time. You need at least one gem to pass, which is the equivalent of one star, but you should always aim for three stars for each level!

Sometimes one of the siblings will be stuck, and you will need to free him. Once you do that, you will notice that the two won't mirror each other's movements perfectly, making it more difficult for you to advance. You can overcome this challenge by getting one of the characters stuck in a corner and moving the other until they are in the same position.

Vambre and Prohyas need your help now! Will you lend them a hand as they try to escape the labyrinth and return back to normal?