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🎪 Step into the Tweenies: Funfair Fun game for loads of fun! Pick between Milo, Fizz, Jake, or Bella, play cool mini-games, and pick awesome prizes!

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About Tweenies: Funfair Fun Game

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Let's jump into a world full of laughter and fun with the Tweenies: Funfair Fun game! Created for the CBeebies website in 2006, it's a digital play-land that takes you straight to a cheerful funfair from the exciting Tweenies flash story It's Not Fair! All the beautiful pictures you see are just like the ones from the story.

In this game, you can become your favorite Tweenie - Milo, Fizz, Jake, or Bella. Once you choose your Tweenie friend, you can play amazing mini-games at the funfair. The goal is to be quick and aim well, so you can win the game and pick a fantastic prize!

How to Play

Before you start, click on the box and type your name. Then, you can pick which Tweenie you want to play as, like Bella, who's super smart, or Jake, who loves to make jokes. Now you're ready for some funfair fun!

You can choose from three thrilling mini-games. Here they are:

Knock Down the Tubes - Here, your Tweenie friend is holding a ball, and their hand keeps turning round and round. You need to press the Spacebar on your keyboard when the hand is in the right place to throw the ball. If you aim well, you can quickly knock down all the tubes!

Hoopla - You get to throw hoops onto a pin. The hands holding the hoop move back and forth, just like they are dancing! When they're in the right place, press the Spacebar to throw the hoop. The faster you can throw all ten hoops, the better!

Catch the Rat - Here, a sneaky rat slides down a tube, and you have to catch it using a butterfly net. When the rat comes out of the tube, press the Spacebar at just the right moment to swing your net and catch the rat. Try to catch all the rats as quickly as you can!

There's more you should know!

Now, remember, in each game, you only have ten tries. So, you need to aim carefully and be quick too. Also, watch out for the clock! When the clock says 12:00, the game will stop. So try to get as many hits as you can before time runs out!

Here's a fun tip: watch how the hands move in the Knock Down the Tubes and Hoopla games. If you can guess where they'll be next, hitting the target will be easier! And in Catch the Rat, try to predict when the rat comes out, so you'll know where to swing your net.

At the end of each mini-game, guess what? You get to choose a prize! And the prizes are coloring pages with your favorite Tweenies on them. So, not only do you have fun playing, but you also get to color and create beautiful pictures.

With Tweenies: Funfair Fun, the fun never stops! Now, are you ready to play?